NAVI First Team To Confirm Qualification for PGL Major


Natus Vincere has become the first team to confirm their appearance at the PGL Major after the announcement of the groups for the last RMR, IEM Fall: CIS.

The last chance to qualify is just around the corner, with IEM Fall coming up next week. IEM announced the seeding for the Groups for the teams present at the event earlier today as well as the Groups in which they would be split.

NaVi is in Group A, alongside Team Spirit, Entropiq, Nemiga, AVE and controversy-ridden Akuma. While Group B consists of Gambit, Virtus.Pro, Forze, K23, Team Unique and INDE IRAE.

While the spots of every remaining team are up for grabs, only 1 team is currently guaranteed to go to the Major and that is NaVi. For every other team, if the results don’t go in their favour and some of the underdogs perform better than them at the RMR, they could miss out on the Major berth, albeit by a small margin.

But that isn’t the case for NaVi, because even if they finish dead last and their adversaries perform better than them, they would still make it to the Major although with a Contender spot.

NaVi currently sits at the top of the RMR rankings with 3680 points, while Spirit and Gambit occupy the next two spots. Coincidentally, the runners-up of the last Major could potentially miss out on a spot at the Major if they don’t pull their socks up at IEM Fall.