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11 teams accused of hacking disqualified from PMCO; majority from India, Pakistan

PMCO Group stages for South Asia, India and Pakistan have been through a very rough patch with lot of allegations and criticism. Many teams were accused of hacking and the tournament was paused on 16th August. Finally a new official announcement is out where a total of 19 teams have been disqualified from PMCO 2020.

The PUBG Mobile Esports management was under fire by community where allegations were made about lots of hackers playing in the PMCO Group stages. The group stages are where top 32 teams from the region selected through rigorous rounds of matches and they are considered to be the elite among others who managed to climb a tough mountain to become the one of the best.

Alleged hackers breaching upto group stage is a big disgrace for the management as they failed to provide a fair platform right from the start. PMCO for India, Pakistan and South Asia was later postponed and screening process was initiated to catch potential frauds.

Before such a big step, the tournament was primarily postponed in Pakistan and later four teams were banned for lifetime. This time, three additional teams along with the previous four are listed as disqualified from this tournament. The teams disqualified from Pakistan region are as follows:

The following teams are disqualified from PMCO India region. The reason for this action is not officially stated but is apparently clear.

As mentioned above, PMCO group stages for these regions will resume from 21 August and there is no word about PMCO South Asia region yet. South Asia region can be speculated to resume along with the other two, or the screening process could still be pending. All of these statements are just assumptions until officials confirm them.

Four out of the 19 disqualified teams have received strict lifetime ban from competitive PUBG Mobile. These team were banned in the preliminary investigation from the Pakistan region and a similar action could be taken against all of these teams as well.

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