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PMCO for India, Pakistan and South Asia region have been postponed

PMCO South Asia, India and Pakistan regions have been postponed due to suspicious behaviour of some players. This is a similar incident to that of PMCO Pakistan hackers that took place just two days ago and the tournament is halted for second time for Pakistan region.

PMCO: South Asia group stages were stopped in the middle after the third match and casters announced that the map will be played in near future and official announcement will be given regarding this matter as well. This is the exact same thing that happened some days ago for PMCO Pakistan and it further lead to four teams getting banned for lifetime.

PMCO India soon followed the suit and it was postponed alongside PMCO Pakistan and a massive check will happen to ensure the integrity of this tournament. Pakistan region undergoes scanning again even after primary investigation led to four teams getting banned.

source: GameTube
Source: GameTube

GameTube posted some screenshots of official discord announcements that states that the games are postponed until the integrity of this tournament is ensured. An exact similar statement was given during preliminary investigation of Pakistan region but this time there is no mention of scanning all the players that are playing the group stages.

Source: GameTube

The entire edition of PMCO is questionable after two doubtful incidents emerging one after another and both are regarding the same matter. The officials have taken strict action this time and halted the entirety of this tournament for all the regions mentioned above.

The management of these tournaments have promised to use anti-cheat apps for upcoming matches but apparently that was not implemented right from the starting stages. This perhaps led to severe development of such cases and hackers managed to reach upto group stages of one of the most prestigious tournament edition of PUBG Mobile.

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