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PMCO Pakistan is postponed to track down alleged hacking teams

PMCO Fall Split 2020 started from 12th August 2020 for India, Pakistan and South Asia region but the Pakistan region has halted their group stage qualifiers. The tournament is halted over the allegations of some teams hacking in the qualifiers stages.

The official stream of PMCO Pakistan was stopped midway and the casters announced a break after which streaming was stopped. A lot of the players from PUBG Mobile community had accusations that the hackers are playing in this tournament and officials are finally taking some action in this matter.

The coach of TSM-Entity, Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare shared a post citing concerns regarding this matter and demanded action from the PUBG Mobile officials. He is known for taking a stand against such malpractices surrounding PUBG Mobile Esports and his influence may have worked in this case.

A screenshot of a discord chat was uploaded by Gametube on Instagram. The screenshot is apparently an insider announcement which clearly states that tournament has been postponed and will return back only when the “Tournament integrity will be ensured.”

Some teams took a stand regarding this matter and boycotted this tournament by deciding not to play today’s matches. The unrest in the community was soon adressed and the tournament was halted midway and postponed.

According to the insider information, the tournament is postponed due to suspicious behavior of some players and teams were told in a meeting that if their systems detect any cheats, that team will be instantly banned from this tournament. The officials have already started scanning the players from yesterday and the process will take some time. Further decision regarding this matter will be announced if any evidence of malpractice is found.

The alleged teams in this matter are already banned from the local tournament and scrimmage hosts over the hacking concerns and yet those teams have managed to qualify till the PMCO Pakistan group stages.

The remaining matches in this tournament will be played using some sort of anti-cheat app. The allegations are yet to be proved but these action rises suspicion and probability of hackers playing this tournament.

Divyesh Moghe
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