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Four PMCO Pakistan Teams receive lifetime ban for hacking

Four teams are banned from PMCO Pakistan under the pretext of using hacks in the group stages. The tournament was halted midway on 13th August 2020 for scanning players using hacks and the official disqualification announcement was made on today’s Livestream.

PMCO Pakistan’s integrity was questioned when there were lots of allegations of hacking in the group stages of the tournament. We covered this incident in detail yesterday and there was a strong probability of many bans coming through.

According to the official statement which read “The PUBG Mobile Esports team investigated the currently active competitive PUBG Mobile players of PMCO Pakistan. We have discovered that four teams have made use of an unauthorised program, the type of which has been severely damaging the integrity of the game PUBG Mobile therefore we have decided to ban the following four teams from ongoing PMCO Pakistan and future PUBG Mobile tournaments for lifetime”

  • Team Xetreme
  • 47 esports

Players were getting banned one after another when the screening process by PUBG Mobile Esports officials was started. The final decision was announced on a discord group which is as follows:

The tournament was postponed midway yesterday after two matches were played and it was instantly resumed to its original timetable from 14th August 2020.

Two matches which were remaining from day two have been rescheduled as one extra match per day on next two consecutive days. The tournament will be held according to normal schedule and these four teams will be removed from stages.

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