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How to get M2 Championship Clint Skin in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will soon commence the pinnacle of its competitive matches with the start of M2 World Championship. The scale of this tournament is very large and hence, an exclusive event is launched in MLBB where players can participate and predict the outcome of this tournament. In exchange of predicting correctly, players can redeem special rewards like M2 Championship – Clint skin.

M2 World Championship will begin from 18th January and the new ‘Guess the M2 Champion’ event has gone live from 12th January to 17th January. In this event, players just have to predict that who will win the tournament. Each successful prediction will grant certain amount of ‘M2 Coins’.

When you have collected the ample number of coins, you can redeem them to get the M2 Championship skin named Shadow Omen Clint. Clint is one of the earliest marksmen heroes in the game with a big cosmetic pool and this new skin will be the latest addition to it.

How to get Clint M2 Championship skin

To unlock the skin, you need a total of 2200 M2 coins and one can directly purchase the premium pass worth 899 diamonds and unlock the skin but there is another way through which you can get it if you guess the correct winner. You can follow the steps given below to unlock this exclusive tournament edition skin.

  • Login to the game and click on the M2 icon.
  • Go into the event section and click on ‘Preorder’. You will get 50 coins for a successful order.
  • Complete the daily tasks to get free M2 coins over the entire event.
  • Go to ‘Predict Champion’ icon and vote for the team you trust. If you successfully place the correct bet, you will get more than 800 coins in the end of this tournament.
  • MLBB has also announced that other events will also give more than one thousand M2 coins for free.

After completing each and every task till the end of M2 World Championship, one can gain enough coins to unlock the Shadow Omen Clint skin. It needs a lot of hard work for the next two weeks so make sure to grind everyday and complete the daily tasks and events to get the skin for free.

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