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PS5 India Stock Tracker: Where to buy PS5 In India? When will PS5 restock in india?

Sony’s latest and greatest next-gen, PlayStation 5 is finally launching on 2nd February. While the pre-orders for the console are live now, currently the PS5 is sold out everywhere but do keep in mind that Sony has promised to avail ample stocks of PS5 in India, so it is possible for stocks to refresh in the upcoming days before the launch. 

Below we have made a list of sites with direct links to where the PlayStation 5 can be pre-ordered. It is advised to check the following links 4-5 times daily to stand a chance to bag the console for yourself. 

Reliance Digital Cancelling PS5 Pre-Orders in India

On 12th January the pre-orders for the PS5 official went live on various online and offline stores at 12pm. Within minutes almost every online store was sold out, and by 2 pm every offline store was also confirmed sold out. While it is believed the supply was tight and the allotment of the stock to every store was different, some of these stores overestimated their numbers and “accidentally” overbooked the console. One such example is Reliance Digital. 

According to multiple reports, Reliance Digital has randomly canceled the pre-orders of multiple customers hours after sending them confirmation messages and emails. Some users who had successfully placed their pre-order via Reliance Digital received a message or email later in the day which informed them of their pre-order being canceled. Several customers had received a message saying that “…..As requested by you, your order xxxxxx has been canceled.”

According to replies to a tweet by user @PS5India, many customers received similar messages and emails that informed them of their orders being canceled. The most infuriating thing about this mess is the message they received, according to which it was the customer who requested the cancelation, not the store. 

A similar thing had happened at the time of pre-orders for Xbox Series X/S at Reliance Digital Store, where the store “accidentally” took excess pre-orders of the stock they were allotted. Looks like a similar pre-order “accident” has occurred again and the store is randomly canceling orders irrespective of the payment method or the mode of the order — online or offline. 

The store has yet to comment on the situation and as soon as they make any announcement we will be updating the article for the same. 

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