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How to unlock M4A1 Genos skin in Free Fire

Free Fire is fully unpacking its skin collection of the One Punch Man collaboration as a lucrative skin based on one of the anime characters is added to the game. This skin is available for the assault rife M4A1 and is named after the protagonist’s sidekick, Genos. Free Fire has added this skin to the weapon royale and you can unlock it with the steps given below.

Free Fire announced a crossover event with anime series One Punch Man and as a result, the Free Fire producer promised to add several elements of the series to the game.

The in-game skin content in Free Fire has always been vivid and such crossovers add more and more valuable items to the collection.

M4A1 – Genos is a shiny and robotic skin based on the One Punch Man character Genos.

The character is shown as a cyborg in the series and Free Fire has made a good effort to add his vibes to this skin.

The metallic finish with yellow light gives a perfect cyborg-weapon look to this weapon.

Steps to unlock M4A1 – Genos in Free Fire

This skin is added to the weapon royale section and hence, one may require lots of diamonds to unlock the skin. Also it should be noted that this skin is the ultimate prize so unlocking it won’t be very easy. You can follow the steps given below to unlock it.

  • Go to the ‘Luck Royale’ section and open the Weapon royale tab.
  • Click on the ‘M4A1 – Genos’ tab.
  • Click on spin until you unlock the skin.

Remember that it will require a large amount of diamonds so make sure that you have stocked up ample diamonds. It is one of the most exquisite skins in the game and hence, there is no way to unlock this skin for free. Free Fire may add many more such collaborative skins in the future so keep an eye on the updates to know about the new skins as soon as possible.

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