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COD Mobile Season 14 Test Server APK Download Link

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Call of Duty: Mobile has acted very fast on their promise to release the Season 14 Test Server build and has delivered a test application. In this Test Server build, the developers have added several features that will be added to COD Mobile in the upcoming season 14 update and you can download it from the links given below.

The test servers are essentially beta phase application of the game where several new features are tested before releasing it globally. Each and every game has their own testing phases and Activision tends to release a different beta application for each update.

This Test Server has very limited capacity and players are rewarded with the slots on first come first serve basis.

Those who get enrolled can try the new features and report bugs, if any, to the developers.

This process generally runs for a week before the results are analyzed and necessary changes are made to the version before releasing it on the global servers.

How to download COD Mobile Season 14 Test Server

It is very simple to download COD Mobile Season 14 Test Server. Just simply click on any of the links given below and follow the steps to install the game.

Follow these steps to install the game:

  1. Select your preferred mode of downloading the application. You can use either Google Drive link or Mega link to download the application.
  2. Free up the storage space up to 3GB and download the game.
  3. Make sure the ‘Install from other sources’ is turned on in the settings and then install the game.

If you are among the first five thousand applicants to access the game, you will get a chance to try the test server build until the testing phase is active. If you could not play the game, chances are that the slots are filled and you will have to wait until Activision opens up more spaces.


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