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New Among Us Source Port for CSGO Looks Amazing!

Here are the first looks at the new Among Us mod for CSGO that is winning fans' hearts.

A new Source mod for Among Us has been ported to CSGO by some avid fans, and the visuals of this new version alone are enough to keep players engaged for quite a while.

A few months ago, we had reported how the CSGO game mode ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ was similar to Among Us in many ways. However, unlike TTT, this new mod is Among Us, but remade in the Source engine. 

A Source engine remake implies that the skill cap of the game will be increased by a considerable margin due to the complex movement mechanics of CS being mixed with the exciting gameplay of Among Us. 

The Among Us game mode in CSGO features character models, objectives and win conditions similar to those found in the original game. Unlike other Counter-Strike mods, no weapons are given to the players, and they can’t attack others unless they’re the impostor. But most importantly, players can jump! 

The new Among Us mod was tried out by popular CSGO streamer ‘fl0m’, who streamed it in his Twitch channel and seemed to enjoy the experience. He also complimented the mod for its visuals. 

How To Play New Among Us Source Port for CSGO?

Unfortunately, this new Among Us port isn’t available in the Steam Community workshop as of yet. It has been developed by the Russian website ‘Cybershoke’ and is currently only available to play through their platform. Although, judging by the rapid popularity that the game mode is gaining, don’t be surprised if it makes its way to the Steam workshop in the near future. 

Furthermore, all the servers of this game mode seem to be located in Germany as of now, which means you might have problems with latency if you’re looking to play it from a distant country. 

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