PUBG Mobile to have an ‘Among Us’ based game mode

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PUBG Mobile is upgrading its arsenal of in-game modes with each coming update. Recently, PUBG Mobile has announced two new modes and its Chinese counterpart, Game for Peace, is supposedly getting an Among Us-based mode. Some videos have been posted which shows short clips of this new mode.

Among Us has been a global phenomenon for the past few months with millions of active users. Tencent seems to be capitalizing on the game’s concept and has introduced their own version of Among Us as a new in-game mode in Chinese PUBG Mobile. The videos posted has revealed some striking parallels between Among Us and this new mode.

Among Us based mode details:

This mode is going to be entirely based on Among Us where players will enter a lobby and have to complete certain tasks in a small map. An enemy player or ‘imposter’ will be present in the lobby, who can use vent and kill others using the iconic PUBG Mobile weapon, Frying Pan.

After someone is killed or knocked out, players can use an emergency card to call a meeting. The meeting hall resembles the ‘Cafeteria’ lobby in Among Us and players can gather to vote out.

One has to complete some simple tasks in the match. These tasks are are highlighted on the minimap and a dotted path guides the players to the destination. One of the tasks is fixing the pipeline and could be done very easily.

The layout of map for this new mode is given below:

Overall, Tencent has added an interesting mode to PUBG Mobile and it is only available in the Chinese version of the game for now. Players might expect to see this mode in the global version in the next few seasons.

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