PUBG Mobile: Former Loop Esports Player Federal, Gxlden, Caiwoski banned

Loops Esports trio Kauan ‘Federal’ Milagres, Bryan ‘Gxlden’ Lima and Caio ‘Caiowski’ Caldatto have been issued bans from competitive play by PUBG Mobile for unsportsmanlike conduct during the Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2020.

The three players have each been issued six-month bans and will not be able to play any competitive PUBG Mobile events till July 10, 2021.

The news has not been well received by the community, with many questioning PUBG Mobile’s timing of the decision. The ban comes just days after the trio had signed up for Brazilian organisation Influence Rage Esports and has now left the organisation in limbo.

As far as the trio are concerned, there will always be the question as to why PUBG Mobile waited so long to issue the ban.

To shed more light on the events that caused this, the trio were representing Loops Esports at the PMGC alongside Lucas ‘Carrilho’ Miguel and had come under the scanner after they were observed trying to hand Team Queso an unfair advantage by choosing not to take fights with them.

They were docked points but in the ensuing days of the mega event, the trio came under fire after they appeared to surrender and die at the hands of RRQ, with the team getting disqualified from the event as a result.

The players later elaborated that they chose to do this after the organisation’s decision to remove their captain and IGL Michael ‘Dadin’ Barbosa just days before the start of PMGC.

The fourth player in question, Carrilho, though, did not join his teammates in the protest and as a result, was not on the receiving end of the ban hammer. Carrilho has also recently joined a new organisation named Alpha 7 Esports and will be relieved he was not included in the bans issued by PMGC to Loops Esports.