PUBG Mobile: Loops Esports’ players stage a protest at PMGC

Three players from Loops Esports stage a small in-game 'protest' in the Church of Erangel. The reason of this action is said to be the internal issues in the organization.

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PUBG Mobile has evolved itself into a big esports title in the mobile gaming industry. Its tournaments have leveled up a lot in the last couple of years and for the first time, an unprecedented incident has taken place in PUBG Mobile history. Three players belonging to Loops Esports staged a protest at the last match of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship or PMGC is the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile esports with a whopping $2 million prize pool. This tournament is very prestigious where teams from all over the world have gathered to showcase their prowess.

One of the teams, Loops Esports were going through a rough patch with some internal issues and this led to a miniature in-game “protest” for the first time in PUBG Mobile history.

PMGC held its last super weekend stage this week and in the last match of the entire league stage, three players from Loops Esports split away from their fourth man and entered a Church in the Erangel map where they sat doing nothing. Players from RRQ Athena spotted them and got three easy kills without any resistance.

The fourth player from their team was seen in the other part of the map, playing a normal game. This meant that something was odd about this scenario and PUBGM TV BR posted a statement about this stating that this public display was a “protest to an internal issue.”

The statement reads, “HISTORICAL PROTEST! today, during the last match of the PMGC League, 3 Loops Esports players fell into a ruined church building, and gathered close to the center they did not throw the fall in protest at the departure of their former captain “DadiN” and also the internal problems that happened within the organization. Caiowski, Gxlden, and Federal go down in history today when they held the first protest ever made at PUBG MOBILE world championships, there had never been a protest during matches until today. Carrilho did not join the other teammates and played the solo game. Loops Esports players were eliminated by an RRQ Athena player and offered no resistance, some of them even had no weapons. Loops mathematically had no chance of going up or down the table, regardless of the result of the last fall, Loops would be in 6th place in the PMGC League, see this, the players decided to demonstrate their support to their former teammate in protest.”

Dadin was the Captain of Loops Esports, who parted ways with the roster on bad terms during the tournament. While the exact reason for this action was not stated, his teammates were not very happy about this decision of their organization. As a result, the team had to continue without Dadin and on the final day of League stages, players expressed their disagreement via this action.

The clear details about this act are not stated by Loops Esports or its players. The internal issues about this team were widely known and taking such an action made them the first team in PUBG Mobile esports history to ever protest at a global stage.

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