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Afghanistan bans PUBG Mobile

Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority(ATRA) has stated that the government will temporarily impose a ban on the famous battle-royale title PUBG Mobile.

The reason for this imposition is unclear for now but based on some statements, it can be deduced that the reason might be related to the game’s social and security impact.

According to Gem Esports, a post has revealed this information. ATRA has taken this action based on the complaints they received from the Transport and Telecommunications Commission of the Lower house of the Parliament, Afghanistan.

Official Statement of Afghanistan on PUBG Mobile ban

The official statement reads, “To address the concerns and find an appropriate solution, ATRA held consultative meetings with the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health, psychologists, parents, school principals, cybersecurity specialists, children’s educational institutions, telecommunications- and information technology companies and associations, PUBG players, lawyers, economists, members of the Wolesi Jirga, and civil society.”

The Chairman of Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Omer Mansur Ansari spoke about this imposition stating that discussions are underway to find a permanent solution to the problems posed by this game.

He said, “Our team submitted a report on the issue to ATRA Board after carrying out a comprehensive analysis, and then a decision was taken to block this game on a temporary basis considering its social and security impact.”

As we mentioned earlier, the statement from ATRA Chairman implicates that the ban was imposed due to its ill impacts.

PUBG Mobile ban will be temporary for now but soon, either the game can get unbanned or its fans will need to bid adieu to their favorite game for a longer time.

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