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Valorant Ranking System Revamped For Episode 2

With Valorant’s Episode 2 on the horizon, the Game developers pitched in their ideas which have culminated in the up and coming 2.0 patch.

Through a live event, “VALORANT Episode 2 Developer Livestream” on Twitch, Riot’s Senior Competitive Designer Jonathon “EvrMoar” Walker and Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding, Senior Manager and Producer also at Riot discussed about the up and coming changes in Valorant’s Ranked play.

The changes revealed in the live event are as follows:

  • Maximum threshold of the ELO gained from a ranked victory will be 50 points.
  • In the same way, a loss can cost you upto 30 ELO points.
  • Also, you might gain or concede a minimum of 10 ELO points after every win and a loss respectively.
  • When you settle on a tie, depending upon your performance, you could get rewarded upto 20 ELO points.
  • Similarly, if you lose while on 0 RR, you’ll demote.

Valorant Ranked Mode Changes and Restrictions:

  • Players above the “Immortal’ Rank are now restricted to either search for a Solo match or in a Duo lobby. This had previously been added to the “Dev Diaries” in order to make the games more Fairer and easy to match up.
  • You can now calibrate uptil Platinum 3 in your placements.
  • If you have an “Immortal” rank and fall in the Top 500 in your region, you will be awarded the Radiant Act Rank. 

How does Rank Rating work in Valorant?

  • Maximum 50 RR gain for a win
  • Minimum 10 RR loss for a win
  • Maximum 30 RR loss for a loss
  • Minimum 10 RR loss for a loss
  • Maximum 20 RR gain on a draw
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