COD Mobile season 13 download

Call of Duty: Mobile is the popular multiplayer title which represents the COD franchise in the mobile game market. This game has been a super hit since its launch and as it features the popular multiplayer mode alongside the new battle-royale mode, the amount of new content introduced each season is very large. Recently, COD Mobile renovated itself into a wintery theme in the Season 13 update and it will come to an end very soon.

COD Mobile has added a ton of new features to the game and they include different variants of classic COD maps, new guns and various freebies throughout the entire season. COD Mobile Season 13 began on 21st December and the new additions were timed perfectly and some of them are yet to come to the game.

Similar to any other Call of Duty: Mobile seasons, this season will also last for about a month and its ending date could be found out by looking at the duration of Battle Pass. The Battle Pass in COD Mobile is similar to seasonal passes that are usually seen in battle-royale mobile games. This Pass has a validity of the entire season and the end of this battlepass marks the end of entire season.

When will COD Mobile Season 13 End?

COD Mobile Season 13 will end on 25th January at 6PM CT or 5:30AM IST. This time is speculated based on the fact that the battle pass will expire on that date. The new COD season will hit the game on the next day and this is the speculated timeline of this season.

New Season will bring in tons of different features and it will be exciting to see what the developers will add next to COD Mobile.

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