How to Play Stranded Deep with Friends

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Stranded Deep is a open world first-person game that is available for free on the Epic Game store. The game got a lot of attention after getting listed on the Epic Store free game list. Therefore, if you want this game go to the store and get the game for free right now. The game is available for free till 29th December.

Numerous players are wondering how to enjoy the game with friends. Although the game doesn’t allow to play in co-op, there is a way you can play with friends by accessing split-screen feature.

How to play Stranded Deep CO-OP on PC?

First of all, you need a controller connected to your PC. One player will be able to use Mouse & Keyboard and the other player will have to play using the controller. After connecting your controller check out if it is connected properly by going to Inputs in the Options menu in-game.

Once you are done, start a new game and select the cooperative mode. The game will start running in co-op mode and you will be able to enjoy the game with your friend.

However, online co-op mode is still not available. We hope that the developers will provide the online mode in near future.

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