How to unlock Sleigher Scylla in COD Mobile

COD Mobile is the portable version of famous multiplayer title Call of Duty. As this game was the first mobile title by Activision for the COD franchise, it piqued an interest in the game’s fanbase. COD Mobile grew exponentially since its launch and now is one of the best mobile games in the market. To keep the game at the top, developers have to put in essential efforts and providing fresh content is one of the needs. COD Mobile has added a new outfit named Sleigher Scylla and here is how you can obtain it.

COD Mobile regularly adds new weapons, camos and various other things that balances the multiplayer core of the game but even though the cosmetic side of this game has not been very large, COD Mobile provides its users with ample amount of skins and characters. One of these characters is named and Syclla and in a new in-game event, the developers have tweaked the basic appearance of this character and introduced her in a Christmas themed outfit by the name of Sleigher – Syclla.

The game has added a new event called Fireside Draw. In this event, players basically have to spin the wheel and after an indefinite amount of spins, they can unlock the new Sleigher – Scylla skin. This event is based on luck where there is no certain number of spins specified to unlock this reward.

Steps to unlock Sleigher Scylla in COD Mobile

Players can follow these steps to unlock the character in new outfit. If you already have the character then unlocking it once again may just get you the latest skin. The details about any sort of exchange of existing character to any in-game currency hasnot been specified.

  • Open COD Mobile and click on ‘Fireside Draw’ event.
  • The banner will redirect you to the event screen where a spin button will be provided. Click on it and you will get one reward at random.
  • Use the necessary amount of CP and keep spinning until you unlock Sleigher – Scylla.

Remember that you might need ample amount of CP as the reward will be offered completely randomly and chances of unlocking the character in one go is pretty low. You will have to invest some amount of money in-game to get this skin.

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