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Fennec Nerfed in COD Mobile Weapon Adjustments

Call of Duty: Mobile is the first Activision title that represented the entire COD franchise in the mobile gaming market. Since the game was launched, it received a very warm welcome by the community and it became one of the best games right from the start. COD Mobile has a lot to offer and it’s arsenal of weapons is unmatched.

COD Mobile is mainly a multiplayer focused game and even if it has a battle-royale mode, the majority of its community is always seen in the iconic COD maps, fighting in the deathmatches or CTF modes. As a result, the developers have to make sure that new weapons or utilities are added frequently and they are balanced in the correct way.

This thing was slightly messed up in the last season when developers launched their new weapon named Fennec in COD Mobile. It was meant to be a stable weapon but with the addition of new perk named Akimbo, it became a broken weapon. Almost each and every player on the server was running a Fennec with Akimbo perk and any other gun could not stand a chance against this weapon.

The community instantly requested for tweaking the weapon and developers have answered to their call. COD Mobile Season 13 update has been released and according to the patch notes, Fennec and Akimbo combo have received several nerfs. The changes are as follows:

  • Fennec’s stability has been reduced while moving and jumping.
  • The movement speed bonus has been slightly reduced for attachments like Short MIP Lightweight Barrel and Rear Grip Attachment.
  • The change time is slightly increased while handling Fennec with Akimbo perk.
  • Damage is slightly reduced while double wielding a Fennec.

This changes are massive for the community as players can no longer spam Fennec and expect it to work in every situation. The reduced accuracy will impact the users and hence, one can forget about getting easy kills with Fennec. Many other new changes are added and you can check them out in the COD Mobile Season 13 Patch Notes.

Divyesh Moghe
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