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Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 update Patch Notes

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After the release of Season 1 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Activision is now gearing to release Season 13 update for Call Of Duty: Mobile.

Season 13 is expected to release on December 22nd and will add new maps, modes, weapons, and some improvements. Along with this update, a new battle royale pass with brand new rewards will also be available.

Check out the official patch notes of the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update below.

COD Mobile Season 13 Patch Notes –

New Ranked Match Season S8

  • The new season S8 of Multiplayer Ranked Matches will be available from December 2020 to January 2021.

New Season Reward

  • 1 New Epic Design: Fennec – Midnight
  • 1 New Epic Soldier: Reznov – Winter Wood

​New Weapon

  • QXR: A stable and reliable personal defense weapon. It comes with an exclusive perk that allows you to change the rate of fire at any moment to suit different combat styles.

New Multiplayer Mode – Grind

  • Kills in this mode are confirmed by picking up dog tags from fallen players. Collect and take dog tags to an objective location and score points for your team. The objective location rotates around the map making it a challenge to hold points.
  • Available Maps: Nuketown, Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, Summit, Scrap Treatment Plant, Rust, Hackney Yard, Nuketown: Russia.

New Christmas Exclusive Mode – Cookie Check Kill

  • A special 10v10 Check Kill mode for Christmas.
  • Available Maps: Crossfire, Firing Range, Takeoff, Meltdown, Rust, Tunisia, Terminal, Hackney Yard

New Map – Nuketown: Russia

  • Series favorite map, Nuketown comes again. Set in Russia, play this snowy cold map with friends and enjoy the sight of the traditional Russian town.
  • Available Modes: Front line, team deathmatch, occupation war, main base, confirmation kill, grind, etc.

New Map – Raid Holiday

  • Raid Holiday makes a comeback.
  • Available Modes: Team Deathmatch, Search and Annihilation, Occupation, Main Base, Confirmation Kill, etc.

Firearms Adjustments

  • BK57: Elite Front Handle – a new handle for easy recoil control with high operability.
  • Razorback: Rapid Fire Perk – A brand new perk that greatly increases the firing speed.
  • New Basic Appearance System: Preserve the gun’s original appearance even with other attachments attached.

Battle Royale – Blitz Battle Royale Mode

  • Meet Blitz Battle Royale, a fast-paced survival competition for 10 minutes only.
  • Dive to a random spot on the map with the accelerated version of Classic Battle Royale and win in less than 10 minutes!

New Vehicle – Snowboard

  • Travel across the Battle Royale map in style on the brand new snowboards added as a new vehicle. 
  • The snowboard comes equipped with an accelerator, so it can function in the snow and other grounds, even at slow speeds.

Map Improvements

  • Ski Town has been transformed into a true ski resort with 4 lifts, and 4 slopes added!
  • The town can be reached using lifts located at outposts, nuclear power plants, dormitories, and heat.
  • Ski slopes lead to cold wetlands, nursing homes, nuclear power plants, pastures, dorms, and hits.

Brand New variant

  • Reloader Transformation: Equip the reloader variant to automatically reload other weapons in the backpack.
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