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Twitch Under Fire for Hot Tub Stream controversy

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Twitch is under fire by the community for setting unclear rules which opens the window for “Hot Tub” streams where more often than not streamers can be found in swimwear broadcasting directly from a bathtub or swimming pools.

Ever since Twitch came up with new guidelines addressing attires in 2019, these so-called “Hot Tub” streamers have found a loophole that allows them to stream in their swimwear from any location which previously required the streamer to be near a pool or beach to do so. The uncertainty around the guidelines is being exploited by several streamers across Twitch which the majority of the community do not appreciate.

Went on Twitch and seriously got confused as to what app I was actually on… What has the actual f**k happened to Twitch…?!” said MsBananas.

The Tweet since then has generated mixed responses from the community with a few strongly disagreeing with her opinion. Pokket for one said “If you think someone is breaking ToS report them and move on… But in all honesty, it seems like you’re just slut-shaming and tearing other women down, projecting your own insecurities and internalized misogyny on people who owe you absolutely nothing. Grow up. Get some help.”

“I’m not insecure. I just don’t feel it appropriate for a platform like this. but yeah I’m a woman-hater cause I’m not a feminist who accepts this sexualization and has morals. I love women. I just feel like streaming should be more than sexualization and money. Bute that MY opinion.” responded Bananas.

Although Twitch’s rules permit streaming in swimwear as long as “it completely covers the genitals, and those who present as women must also cover their nipples.”. Hence, “hot tub” streamers are not technically violating any ToS but one can’t ignore Bananas’s point of view. The debate will likely last until Twitch enforces better guidelines addressing the same.

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