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Editorials MortaL ranks second in "Streamer of the Year" category...

MortaL ranks second in “Streamer of the Year” category at Esports Awards


Famous PUBG Mobile pro and content creator Naman “Mortal” Mathur was inches away from creating history in the Esports Awards. Mortal was the first Indian to ever get double nominations at the prestigious esports awards ceremony. Esports Awards recently started revealing top three rankings for each category and Mortal ranked second in the “Streamer of the year” category.

Mortal is a big PUBG Mobile content creator from India. He started with pushing rank in the first few seasons of the game and then went on to rank in the top five in the Asian region. His exponential rise started when he formed Team Soul alongside his squad and went on a miraculous run to win almost each and every tournament in the first half of 2019.

Mortal was the first to represent India at Esports Awards when he got his first nomination and soon after, he came into limelight by getting nominated for “Mobile Esports player of the Year” category. Mortal was competing alongside some of the biggest streamers on the planet and his fans helped him rise to the second spot and lead ahead of other big names like xQc, Nickmercs, CourageJD and others.

Esports awards is the celebration of prominent personalities for their various achievements and contribution in esports industry throughout the year. It is a very prestigious ceremony in the industry and Mortal hoisted the Indian flag at this event. This year, Esports Awards started a new tradition where they will reveal top three rankings for each category after the main event.

“Streamer of the Year” was the very first category to be revealed and the names along with total number of votes casted were announced. A total of 768,000 votes were submitted for this single category and Ibai ranked first and won the award, followed by Mortal at the second spot and Gaules at third place.

Mortal was the only streamer who prominently represented the mobile esports industry in this category and while he just missed the top spot, the chances of his nomination and victory for the next year are very high.

Divyesh Moghehttp://www.talkesport.com
Content writer and Esports enthusiast

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