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Titan shuts down as an organization

The Singapore based e-Sports organization, Titan, will cease all operations as enclosed by Damien Grust, CEO and founder, on their website. Titan had put up...

IEM reveals list of pariticpants for Taipei qualifiers

Taipei saw some of the best Counter Strike being played in 2010, and yet IEM is back at Taipei in 2016 to bring about...

Get Stronk! regional tournament announced for Asian countries

SoStronk recently updated their third party matchmaking client, which is very successful so far in the Southern Asia region, to support various languages from...

Liquid signs s1mple to complete roster

S1mple Ukranian star player had joined Team Liquid, NA team, replacing Fugly, after being benched by the all-Ukranian team FlipSid3 Tactics. Liquid signs S1mple would...

E-league announced with $1.2 million prize-pot for CS:GO event

Turner and WME | IMG's eSports venture to be named as "E- League" and will offer a $1.2 million prize-pot. Turner Boradcasting System, Inc....

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