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Indian teams heading towards a potential off-season split

Entity Esports, since its inception, has been in the news. Their performance and their structure of the largest workforce in their squad is the composition. Two days ago we reported about Crowley’s departure from Entity Esports could be a reality. And it was a reality.

Now, when we put on a journalistic epaulet, we have certain duties and responsibilities. India’s fraternity of Esports journalism has always been proven to be a mindset of the bunch of ‘fence-sitter.’ It takes courage to rephrase an ‘imperative’ or to investigate into one, being blindfolded on most of the topics because that ‘hurts’ one’s reputation and business are no short of presenting camouflage of journalism.

Unprofessional cold war against us

So and though, people can continue calling them ‘journalistic and esports content portal’ which offer pleasures to a section of the professionals on matters which affects the industry as a whole. That’s their mindset and not mine. You can call even this piece as a biased form of journalism, but that’s how this works. You should learn to dissent.

Anyway, I’ll be fair and loyal to my job.


After Crowley’s departure from Entity Esports, it seems that there’ll soon be a potential shuffle of players within. We’ve been getting lots of objective information on how Invisible Wings will be coming to the picture soon yet again.

Or it could be the Brutals splitting? Maybe an Entity Esports Blue and Gold merger? A lot can happen over the short period.

Considering there are no more events except that of ESL India Premiership Masters in the next three months. It can be a season of the shuffle at the Indian Esports companionship.

ESL India has not yet announced their set of the Premiership events for the next year; we haven’t seen any buzz around with different event organizing companies even. DreamHack Masters already laid their results. No IeSC 2017 until February. If teams are rendering into different players to compose their roster powerful than they are, this is the right time to execute it.

Potential swaps

The candidates in here, which have the firepower but are failing to make an accomplishment can fix their flaws by exchanging players from the top-most organization, ethically.

Entity Esports – Gold (EG)

First in the line of swaps, Entity Esports Gold, the team is considered to have some of the best players of Indian CSGO of all time, but even then, their consistency seems to have lost somewhere. The sustainability which one should expect from Entity Esports – Gold (EG), is lacking.

Team Entity Gold

After their assaulter ‘Marzil’ left their current squad to join tMg, EG has been struggling to get back to their level of dominance. Their replacement Sahil ‘pasha’ Pasha has been a right individual with the aim-duels, but it seems that their strategy is flawed at large. They did beat Risky Gaming recently at DreamHack Masters – Asian Qualifiers finals on their map pick, cobblestone, but the strength the team holds has not been visible in its most dominant form, to say the least.

Entity Esports – Blue (EB)


Entity Esports’s second submission to the Esports fraternity of India. They were previously known as Invisible Wings, who got their name highs after winning DewArena, there onwards they merged into Entity Esports, things have been absurd for them from there. They got beaten by JmDGaming at IeSC. They even got beaten to the Pakistan’s favorite Game4Glory in DreamHack Masters.

To maintain their state of being in the top four, EB should workout around their lineup and fix the concern. Along with the likes of Psy and MithilF, if they can’t do wonders with such firepower, there’s something wrong holding them back.

Team Brutality

The team on high-horses since their defeat melodramatic defeat at MountainDew’s DewArena. Brutality won IeSC beating India’s considerably top four teams. People still aren’t comfortable to call Brutality the ‘best’ team in India right now, even though their phaseout winnings from online to lan-festivals.

Team Brutality

The mud-slinging still continues. The only reason Brutals are on the list is that of their best players who can be a significant reform of any organizations who picks them. Impale has been playing amazingly throughout in the last couple of tournaments. V3nom, RiX, and Kundya, on the other hand, are friends in real life as well; it will be a tough decision for any of those to switch over even if they are offered better. And Astarrr being the ‘best’ well-known assaulter in the country, competitive organizations must be having an eye on him. If these players are offered a better future, they should continue to do what’s best for them.

Dare2Dream (MxB)

Kolkata boy flew high with his experienced teammates
Kolkata boy flew high with his experienced teammates

There’s no reason for these youngstars to make a move. But when opportunity strikes, there’s a little less you can do. Just like how Zilkenberg left the squad even after winning the ASUS Rog Masters. Dare2Dream is considered right now to be the youngest team in India.

Their recent win at ESL India Premiership Challenger #2 has got them appreciation from every possibility. The team will possibly look around for players after they missed their chance to play at ROG Masters due to their struggle and battle for travel documents.

Team Overcome

Team Overcome

They just seem completely off the track after their defeat at ESWC Paris. Team Overcome found their true success when they beat Brutality and EB at the ESWC India finals. They got defeated at Paris and from thereon, the players were disgorged after their rollercoaster ride.

Convincingly enough for the players to have made their name into the list of some of the best players in the country, Overcome can try out potential players in the meantime when there are no more calendered events until next quarter.

These are opinionated points which could be true considering the state of professionals in India right now. The dissent should be respected till its fair enough for the affected parties. The time has come for Indians to do the fair trade of players through their organizations, with whatever is in place.

(This is an opinionated piece)

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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