Dare2Dream suffered in the delayed passport heckle with officials

Delays and problems are part of our lives. But you wouldn’t want to be a victim of such delay which can ruin your potential career. Such is the story of Dare2Dream’s player, a member of the professional Esports organization from Bangalore.

Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose is a professional Counter Strike athlete, he has experience in the game of more than 6 years. Recently, he along with his team got qualified to the Malaysian event ASUS Rog which is scheduled on 12th and 13th November.

I got in touch with the owner of the team Amol Bharti, who was deeply saddened by the fact that the Passport Seva Kendra treated them in the worst possible manner. He shared all the documents related to the passport application of his player and it was evident that he was indeed telling the truth about the delays he and his player had to face. Amol wrote a letter to certain media outlets and we have the copy of the same.

Read the letter below:

Mr. Sabyasachi Bose (Age 20 Year) who studied till 9th standard was asked to produce Matriculation certificate (10th standard) whereas on the application form his education qualification was mentioned between 6th and 9th standard appropriately. He was asked to meet Kolkata PSK DPO when he appeared for his appointment on time and after waiting for 2 to 3 hours he met Mr. S.R. Das who denied his passport for tatkaal stating that he need to pass 10th standard to apply for tatkaal passport. 

The boy mentioned the urgency for playing for the Country at the Asus ROG Masters Malaysia where he was supposed to be part of the Indian contingency team who won from Asus ROG Masters (Rest of Asia) beating other Asian countries and qualified for the Finale tournament. This did not made Mr. S.R Das to reconsider his plea and instead he asked the boy to leave and get 10th certificate. The boy repeatedly mentioned that he is not 10th pass per his education and asked Kolkata PSK DPO to give this in written, upon which Mr. S.R. Das got very angry and said the Rule is what I say.

Mr. S.R. Das treated the boy with unprofessional behavior and asked to leave the premises by pointing fingers towards the exit gate. We request you to take this complaint against the official and check CCTV footage of his behavior and suffering of Indian eSports legendary player, Mr. Sabyasachi Bose.

The urgency is because we need to apply for Visa and details needs to be sent to Tournament Officials ASAP.

Amol Bharti and his organization even went ahead by Tweeting to the Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs, but failed to retrieve a response. In a state of time when Honeymoon tweets get thousands of attraction, the cultural sports urgency was overlooked.

We urge you to share the article and let this get maximum traction so that Dare2Dream has their heads high at the international tournament with our flag.