Top CSGO teams in Pakistan

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Pakistan is in a state to accept the revolution of online multiplayer and video games. But due to the third world problems, the skeptical perception remains at the original head. People hesitate to accept esports as an actual sport. But today we will be only covering the top teams. Know the top CSGO teams in Pakistan as of October 25th, 2016.

Yesterday I did a story on the Pakistan state of Esports, how the community has been building itself, the inception of the events. And how they were able to give tough competitions to the Mongolian powerhouse.

TOP CSGO Teams in Pakistan

Unpredictable I was with the positive response, I have got the story which was viewed interestingly more than 4000+ times now at the time of filing this article. Today, I have chosen once again to take your time and be informative about the top teams in Pakistan in CS: GO.


Game4Glory is arguably the oldest Pakistani counter-strike team that has managed to stay together through thick and thin. Founded by Zubair “$Bills$” Jafar and Zeeshan “Zeeky” Khan in 2011, Game4Glory has always been one of the best teams in Pakistan and has consistently dominated for the most part even with significant changes to their lineup regularly. The initial lineup consisted of $Bills$, KLnT, RacHeT, AVG and Zeeky.

Game4Glory. Image courtesy: Tech4Gamers
Image courtesy: Tech4Gamers

Now, $Bills$ is no longer part of the main lineup, yet still, manages to stay in the scene partially. The lineup evolved throughout the years, with notable players such as “MDA” and “erazor” being part of it throughout the evolution. The team’s current lineup consists of HARMZ Zeeky Klnt HSB and AVG.

Here’s what Zeeky, the IGL of the team said when asked how he feels about the game and his take on CS:GO as a career.

It is the most important part of my life. Studying, employment and life, in general, will continue irrelevant to CS: GO it but with CS: GO at least that boring part of my life is not boring. We have been in this game for quite some time and will continue to be in the scene at least for the next few foreseeable years. For each one of us our boring life may continue as usual but our future plans are to bring CS: GO and eSports to a bigger platform in Pakistan.”

Team Achievements:


Finalist of APAC WESG South Asian Qualifier ’16 by Alibaba
Winners of Appbox Gaming Gala ’16 by Gooline GZ Lhr.
Winners of CSGO Ramadan Tournament ’16 hosted by PGL
Winners of Pak E-Sports Expo ’16 at Gooline GZ Lhr.
Winners of NUST Olympiad ’16
Winners of AirNexus ’16
Winners of NaSCon ’16
Ranked 16th-32nd in DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 Asian Qualifier
Winners of CSGO Challenger Series by ESEM
Winners of ESF Islamabad


Ranked 16th-32nd in DreamHack Cluj-Napoca Asian Pre-Qualifier
Winners of CS:GO Gama Gaming League Fall
Quarterfinalist at PGL eGG Minor India and Middle-East qualifier
Winners of CS:GO Lahore Championship hosted by Cybnetic
Winners of CS:GO Knockout Tournament hosted by A&T Events
Winners of CS:GO Randoms Summer Tournament
Winners of PTCL PGL eSports Kickoff Tournament
Finalists of eSports Gaming League by Team Impost0rs

INtex Revolution

iNtex Revolution was founded in 2008 as a team for Counter-Strike 1.6, which later switched over to CS: GO after the popularity and scene of its predecessor died out. The initial lineup consisted of ShoT, Jwwwd, KriminaLL, traNz and slaayer. Even with many lineup changes, it continued to be a competent team in Pakistan and proved its worth in many local events and also with their performances in international qualifiers. Their current lineup is tranz kriminal umair jwwwd storax.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive Achievements:
Winners of IBA uni’s PROBATTLE 2016 all-star tournament
Winners of FAST uni’s Procom 2016 tournament
Winners of Cafe Amigos all-star LAN Tournament’16
Winners of G6 Gaming zone all-star tournament ‘2015
Finalist of GHQ summer Rage Lan tournament ‘2015
Finalist of CS: GO random tournament by G4G ‘2015
Semi-finalist in Cafe Amigos EID all-star Tournament ‘2014
Semi-finalist of G6-CSGO Rush Tournament ‘2014


Image courtesy: “PGR -Pak Gamers Republic” was founded in January 2016, making it a relatively new team in the Pakistani gaming scene, however, that did not stop it from climbing up the ranks and claiming a spot as a top-3 team. The team was founded by Roohan “Naughtyyy” Sajjad along with Fahad “MUSE” Fayyaz and Anas “saeeiN” Baig. The initial lineup was comprised of Zon, MUSE, Naughtyyy, ShahJ and saieeN.

The lineup continued to change and the team was quite unstable with players such as Jordream, KanE and fredJ being part of the family for a short duration. The team still managed to be successful despite their shaky lineup.

The current lineup is SaeeiN , MUSE , Naughtyyy, luDaCriS, BravO with Syed Jhangir Gillani (AcE) as their manager.

Here’s what Naughtyyy had to say about CS: GO:

“Don’t let the GGs get to your head, whether favorable or not. The lineup for Elusive.Pk is finally quite stable so we’re looking to improve in the coming months. With the grace of god, we’d like to keep pursuing our dream of breaking the limits to bring the CS: GO and gaming scene to the spotlight in Pakistan.”


The team managed to secure the following places:

3-4th at WESG South-Asia Qualifier 2016
3-4th at Apbox CSGO Tournament by Telenor 2016 (LAN)
2nd at Pak eSports Expo CSGO 2016 (LAN)
2nd at Gooline Gaming festival 2016 (LAN)
2nd at Electronic Sports Festival (ESF) 2016 (LAN)

The three teams, G4g, Elusive.PK and INteX Gaming are widely recognized as the top CSGO teams in Pakistan. Other than teams and organization, Pakistan even have sets of individual talents who have achieved a lot when it comes to winning tournament and contributing their team of their skills. I will be doing another piece shortly on the individual talents in Pakistan.

Feature Image courtesy: Flare.PK

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