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Nodwin adds up new rule for prize-distribution for ESL India

ESL India has recently introduced a new rule to claim your prize money from the Premiership events. According to their new state on the website, the winning team has to attend the succeeding event to get their prize pool handy.

It seems a bit confusing, but ESL India has recently introduced this new regulation wherein if you have won a title in ESL India Premiership Starter, you will only be able to own it if you attend Challengers. The same applies to you if you are a winner of “Challengers” series hosted by them. This new addition has not been categorically marketed, but it has been implemented after their were operational differences noted after Challenger #1.

Beyond Infinity, winners of ESL India Premiership Challenger #1

The rule reads:

“It is compulsory for teams in DOTA2/CSGO, players in Hearthstone/Clash Royale who have won starter cups to attend the respective Challenger to claim their prize money. If a team does not attend the next event, it will result in forfeit of the team’s/player’s prize of the previous qualification event and the same will be used to financially support the replacement team/player. The same rule is applicable for teams/players who win challenger and qualify for masters. Starter Cups prizes will be paid at Challenger & Challenger prizes will be paid at Masters to the team on its attendance as a participant in that particular tournament.”

This also means, that the teams which stood among the top four in the Challengers can not forfeit their slot at the Masters. They will not be eligible to claim their share of the prize. The Challenger #2 prizes will be handed over to the teams, which are present at the Masters, where they will be felicitated.

If you have won an event through online qualifiers, it is not over then and there. You need to travel along with your team to the next event to obtain your prize. If you fail to attend the event, your share of the money will be exhausted to support the replacement team. This change has been introduced in the system to make sure the teams and players abide by the professional conduct of the events hosted by ESL India on account of Premierships.

What if you are among the top eight and not four?

“The last four teams in challenger do not need to attend masters as they did not qualify for it, their prizes are paid through cheques sent to their postal address.”

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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