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Goutfits beat Overcome 16-3, progresses to top 4 alongside Brutality, D5 & A2G

Team Goutfits, one of the two underdog squads from Kolkata have made their way to the top 4 in IESC – Proving Grounds. They progressed in the tournament with the following scores, Overcome 16-3, GunPoint 16-9 and D5 19-15. On the other hand, JmDA2G have even qualified to the top four, eliminating Entity Gold – Blue.

Goutfits, who are in the lower brackets right have successfully eliminated Overcome out of the tournament. They beat Overcome 16-3 in overpass. Goutfits will now progress to the top four team standings and will have to win two consecutive matches to enter into the finals.



Alongside Brutality, D5 and JmDA2G, Goutfits now secures a spot in the top four teams of Indian Esports Championship – Proving Grounds.

Team Brutality, however, have already made into the grand finals of Indian Esports Championship – Proving Grounds by being undefeated all through their journey.

Brutality beat A3 16-6 on mirage, Entity Blue 16-13 on train and 16-6 again on mirage. The loser bracket finals will determine a team out of Goutfits, D5 and JmDA2G. The grand finals are scheduled tomorrow afternoon.

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