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Brutality champions at IeSC – Ground Zero

Team Brutality, India’s all time favorite and most consistent CS:GO squad have once again clinched victory in what is supposedly India’s biggest eSports event with the largest prize pool till date, IeSc. They defeated d5 16-13 in dust2 to win the finals with a map advantage coming from the winners bracket.

Brutality, which is considered to be India’s only consistent team is associated with only a handful of players. They remained undefeated throughout the tournament. Astarrrr and V3nom performed extraordinarily in all the matches despite being stressed out. D5, on the other hand, qualified for the finals by defeating JmD in the loser bracket finals.

Ankit Panth from Brutality and Simar ‘psy’ Sethi from Entity Esports: Blue, on the background support – Aditya ‘Ad1’ Shah.

Marking this win to be the biggest ever in terms of the massive prize distributed at the venue. Brutality takes home 3,00,000 INR as the first prize followed by D5 which gets 2,00,000 INR. Brutality looked pretty calm and composed from their first matchup. The amount of practice they put in to be the best in the country, yet again has surely not been a bread-butter job.

From the time when they lost to Entity Blue at MountainDew – DewArena, the team didn’t stay back in the loss. Instead, they corrected themselves from the core and performed at IESC with excursion.

IeSC deliberately chose to prioritize all the teams who were in foreign cities and supported them with air travels and accommodations. The difference it made to the results is purely evident. The teams which traveled all the way from Kolkata proved they are no less relatively in the professional scene.

Crowd enjoying at the disc night by DJ Anish Sood

Team Goutfits and JMD, both from Kolkata, who had a minimum presence in the online qualifiers at different events in the past six months came from nowhere to beat India’s best teams. Goutfits beat Team Overcome 16-3. Whereas, JMD beat Entity Esports 16-8.

The final standings of IESC:

  • Team Brutality
  • Destructive5
  • JmD
  • Goutfits

Putting things in perspective, Goutfits defeated a team which beat Entity Esports to win the spot to represent India at ESWC 2016, Paris. On the other hand, JMD beat the winners of MountainDew’s DewArena. Incredible performance from the Kolkata guys!


Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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