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Team Overcome claimed victory at ESWC India finals

It is Team Overcome who stood strong at the ESWC India qualifiers by beating the favorites Entity Blue in an extraordinary 2-0 fashion (16-6 de_cache, 16-4 cobblestone). They will be flying to Paris in the next month to compete at Paris Games Week.

In the total of a potential 60 rounds game, Team Overcome allowed Entity Blue to only win 10 rounds in total! Both the maps of the game were clinched comfortably by Team Overcome leaving no margin for errors. When Brutality were knocked out early in the tournament it looked like an upset, but Team Overcome double-confirmed their dominance in the tournament by beating two of the legendary Counter-Strike squads in India.

ESWC India finals

Entity Blue were looking pretty confident after their win over Destructive 5 after being down 1-16 in the second map of the second semi-finals. Team Overcome, which came into the finals by beating Team Brutality were looking confident than ever entering into the grand finals. It seemed as they were waiting for this overwhelming opportunity to be called as one of the best teams in India. Ironically, Team Overcome were unable to qualify for the DewArena LAN finals in the regular ways and were only qualified for the event only after Invictus pulled out of the tournament.

ESWC made its return to India after a year gap this year, each year Paris Games Week hosts Electronic Sports World Championship which features multiple games of different genres. The Paris Games Week will begin on 27th of October and will run until 31st.


Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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