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Entity Blue eliminates Destructive 5 at semi-finals of ESWC India

Entity Blue beat Destructive 5 (2-1) at the semi-finals of ESWC India, they will face Team Overcome in the grand finals today. The winner of the game will have an opportunity to represent India at the Paris Games Week happening later this year.

The second leg of semifinals started on cobblestone with Invisible Wings (Entity Blue) on the CT side after winning the knife round. Entity Blue started off well leading the first, second and third round with Mithil and psy taking responsibility to clear things off. D5 though, quickly coming back into the game by getting the first gun round in their favor but failed to grab the next one.

Even after losing a complete buy round, D5 came back all the way forcing it up to a 5-4 scoreline by winning five straight rounds in a row. Entity Blue’s psy did manage to respond back not once but thrice with two, three and another two frags in consecutive rounds securing the rounds in their favor. The game ended in the second half pretty comfortably with Entity Blue winning the map 16-11.  The second map of the semi-finals which was rather an odd pick, de_nuke started with Entity Blue on the terrorist side getting only a single round in the whole of a first half.

Team D5 after winning the second map

Unexpectedly to the scores, Entity Blue went ahead to grab only a single round in the second map of the second semi-finals. Destructive 5 completely destroying Entity Blue to make their way into the third and the decider map. The score ended with a decimated 16-1 scoreline in Nuke.

The third and final map of the game, Cache started with Entity Blue losing the pistol round but quickly coming back into the game with the next two rounds. The game progressed with D5 being on the positive as they led the first set of the gun rounds but Entity Blue, never late to the game were able to equalize the scores at 7-7, the first half closed at 8-7 in the favor of EB. The second half was a dominant affair for Entity Blue as they swiftly and firmly crawled to unlevel the scores at 12-8. They extended their lead even further by winning another couple of rounds muscling their scores on 13-8. They confirmed their victory at 16-8 scoreline.

The semifinals ended with the scoreline going Entity Blue (2-0) against D5, who looked promising earlier in the matchup.

Entity Blue will face Team Overcome at the grand finals of ESWC India qualifiers, where the winner gets a chance to travel all the way to Paris to compete with the professionals.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport


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