Monday, October 26, 2020
ESWC India finals

Team Overcome claimed victory at ESWC India finals

It is Team Overcome who stood strong at the ESWC India qualifiers by beating the favorites Entity Blue in an extraordinary 2-0 fashion (16-6...

Entity Blue eliminates Destructive 5 at semi-finals of ESWC India

Entity Blue beat Destructive 5 (2-1) at the semi-finals of ESWC India, they will face Team Overcome in the grand finals today. The winner of...
eswc india qualifiers

Team Overcome advances to finals at ESWC India qualifiers

Team Overcome has advanced to the grand finals of ESWC India qualifiers by beating Team Brutality 2-0 in the first leg of semi-finals. They...
ESWC India 2016

ESWC India 2016 is now a reality after 2 long years

ESWC has finally opened the doors for the CS:GO fans out there with the return after 2 long years halt. The game will feature...

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