ESWC India 2016

ESWC has finally opened the doors for the CS:GO fans out there with the return after 2 long years halt. The game will feature a prize pool of $75,000 and a slot especially for Indian teams at ESWC 2016. The qualifiers will be hosted by NODWIN Gaming at their Gurugram headquarters later this month.

Electronic Sports World Championship (ESWC), the European company which started their operations in organization Counter Strike events in the year 2003 had reserved a slot for the Indian community two years ago where MTS – GameGod and NODWIN joined hands to support and made things possible for the Indian side to qualify and visit Paris to represent India.

ESWC India 2016

After a year gap, NODWIN has managed to get India a slot at ESWC for CS:GO. The opportunity once again is great and can help Indians get exposure and experience to the International CS:GO scene. The Indian qualifiers of CS:GO will be in a set of three, the open online qualifiers, online playoffs and the LAN finals.

The online qualifiers [REGISTRATION OPEN] will remain open until 15th of September and the matches will be commenced between 16th and 17th of September for the online set of qualifiers. The format will be a single elimination best-of-three game for the initial phase, best-of-three for the quarters and the top four teams rising from the quarter will advance to the online playoffs.

ESWC India – Potential Invitees

As the official bracket says, there will be four teams invited to the online playoffs which will be challenged by four qualified teams which will further be taken ahead by the challengers and the invitees to LAN playoffs. The current state of Indian CS:GO community suggests comfortably that the four teams which hold the responsibility to be generously invited would be:

  • Team Brutality – confirmed invitation
  • EnTity Esports Blue (ex-Invisible Wings)
  • EnTity Esports Golden (ex-Invictus)
  • Team Overcome / MxB

The fourth slot will be fought between MxB and Team Overcome, it will be interesting to see how the organizers make their way through the selection process of the fourth slot provided that their level of experience and skills are far from different. They could be possibly asked to play against each other for the invitee slot where the losing team can get back into the brackets via the open-qualifier registration. Most importantly, as the players on both the sides are younger to have an independent passport of their own. Not having one could possibly a reason for their loss of participation.

Important information for the teams registering for the event: Each player / manager of the team registering for the event should have a valid Indian passport and they need to send it to [email protected] at the time of registering themselves. The organizers will not entertain any further alterations in the team after the registration period has been completed.

The online play-offs will be played on 18th of September, wherefrom the top 4 will advance to the LAN finals. The LAN finals is scheduled to be happening on 22nd of September which will be played in NODWIN Gaming’s headquarters in Gurugram. All the games played in quarters and further will be a best-of-three elimination. The winning team from the LAN finals will have the privilege to gain a free sponsored trip to the ESWC international event to be held in Paris.

India at ESWC 2014

The previous version of ESWC where India had a chance to represent, Team Virtual Impact came on top against Wolf.