Yoru Buffs Still on the Table, Valorant Devs Confirm

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Yoru has undoubtedly been one of the more underwhelming picks in Valorant from the time of his release. The Japanese duelist is sitting at the bottom of the table of agents with a mere 42.6% winrate in ranked games, which is why Yoru mains across the world have constantly been demanding a rework or buff for the agent from the devs.

Previously, Riot Games had mentioned that the highly anticipated Yoru rework had been ‘indefinitely delayed’ due to the unavailability of the resources. 

Luckily, it seems like Yoru buffs are still on the table as Valorant developer Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm confirmed in a Reddit thread on September 8th.

“We have changes we want to make, we just need resources from other teams to make them happen,” Altombre said in the post. “When balance changes are just numbers tweaks, we can take it on ourselves – when we have to involve other disciplines (animation, VFX, etc. etc.) it takes time to incorporate it into their already-busy schedule.”

He has also stated that the devs already have changes planned for the Yoru rework, but they “can’t commit to a date that they’ll actually ship quite yet.”

Currently, Yoru is the third least-picked agent in ranked Valorant games. With an 11% pick rate, he sits ahead of Breach and Astra respectively.

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