Yoru Changes Have Been ‘Indefinitely Delayed’ by Riot Games

yoru valorant
yoru valorant, photo: Riot

While the entire Valorant fan base has been waiting eagerly for the arrival of patch 3.03, it seems like it has brought some bad news for Yoru mains out there.

So far, it can easily be said that Yoru has been a rather underwhelming agent when compared to the other duelists available in the tactical shooter. It has a significantly low win rate in pubs and is rarely seen being picked up in professional Valorant games. 

Because of these reasons, Riot Games had promised the players that they’d be shipping out some changes to Yoru in the near future at the time of the release of patch 3.0. However, in a recent blog post, the developers have confirmed that there has been a change in plans.

“Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the team is going to have to indefinitely delay the Yoru updates,” Valorant Character Producer, John Goscicki, said in a statement. “We’re in a situation at the moment where certain resources needed to do this work are unavailable to us. As soon as we get a clearer picture of when we can ship these changes, you’ll be the first to know. Sincere apologies to everyone who has been looking forward to these.”

Apart from this, Patch 3.03 brings with it a number of changes to the title including a Viper bug fix, additional customizations to crosshair alongside multiple crosshair profiles, network updates, and a lot more. Players can check out the official Valorant 3.03 patch notes here

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