Trouble Brewing? Heroic Lose All Sponsorships

The Organisation’s website has currently 0 listed sponsors, whereas previously it consisted of Big names such as Steelseries and GGBet.

With more problems rising for the Danish organisation, after HUNDEN’s new claims regarding the coaching bug scandal, the loss of sponsors could put them in deep trouble regarding the future of the org and the roster.

In a Quarter Finals match in ESL Pro League, the Heroic players were spotted sporting a simple white jersey with the Heroic logo on it. Previously, they had their classic red and black jersey which included all their sponsors and partners, but it seems all of them have pulled out of the deal for the time being as the Future of the org is up in the air.

To put the nail in the coffin, Heroic’s community manager, Caecilie Iversen also announced a week ago that she would be leaving the team after EPL S14. This was just before HUNDEN’s accusation of TeSeS and niko and the whole org in general, being aware of the bug and its usage.

That has not reflected in their performance on the server though as they beat Liquid in a nail biter in the Quarters and have a semi-finals date with Natus Vincere later today.

Will they be able to clear their names and put on a convincing performance to save the org? Only time will tell.