Will mw1 leave Velocity Gaming after VCC?

velocity gaming runner ups

Mohit “mw1” Wakle has been in limelight since the moment he joined Velocity Gaming. At that moment, he was signed only for the Valorant Conquerors Championship but his performance has left the fans and the team in awe of the youngster.

In an exclusive interview, VLT CEO Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap expressed how he believes that the addition of Agneya “Marzil” Koushik and Mohit “mw1” Wakle to their Valorant roster has propelled the expectations of the team and delivered the desired results.

After the loss of Velocity Gaming in the Grand Finals, mw1 will be going back to the completion of his college degree and won’t likely be seen playing with the team in the coming months. 

Although, Sentinel recently announced in a live stream that mw1 has requested to register him in all the upcoming tournaments as a 6th player. This means that we might be seeing some aggressive Jett plays in the coming months.

On the other hand, rumors are still going on the arrival of DeathMaker to Velocity Gaming. It will be quite interesting to see the changes in the roster of Velocity Gaming in the coming months.

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