When will Valorant be back up: Patch 5.06 server downtime

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On the day of this date 20th September 2022, Valorant servers will go off for a short amount of time to install the coming 5.06 patches.

This is the second patch to be added in Episode 5, Act 1. when it’s released. The changes to be made to the live servers in response to this update aren’t particularly significant.

The dates that follow, as listed on the official website to check the status of the Valorant servers the times in which the shooter’s client are disabled:

It is expected that servers will be unavailable for at most a few hours. If the maintenance plan isn’t adhered to, players could be waiting longer to connect to Valorant.

The patch 5.06 for Valorant won’t have numerous new features, as per Riot Games. Two of the patches highlights are changes to Stinger as well as an upgrade to the ChroniVoid package.

The following is a summary of the changes implemented to the Stinger in the most recent round of testing in the Public Beta Environment:

The following is a rundown of the alterations that were made to the Stinger during the most recent round of testing on the Public Beta Environment:

1. Primary Fire error adjusted from 1.6 error after seven bullets >>> 1.3 error after six bullets

2. Our goal for the Stinger is to feel controllable and appropriately lethal at short ranges, but currently, even in close quarters, it can feel out of control. Lowering the top spread should make it feel more reliable at the appropriate range once you’ve overcome the learning curve of the recoil.

3. Alt Fire first shot error adjusted from .5 >>> .35

4. For an option that’s about being more accurate, it felt like the first shot had more variance than we’d like, especially at the ranges you’d want to use the burst fire mode

In addition, the ChronoVoid skin line will be released into the wild. The total cost of the skins will be 8700 Valorant Points. Each individual pistol is anticipated to cost a total of 2175 VP, whilst the A Quo melee weapon is anticipated to cost a total of 4350 VP.

valorant chronovoid

The following firearms are going to be included in the skin line:

1. ChronoVoid Phantom

2. ChronoVoid Vandal

3. Terminus A Quo (melee)

4. ChronoVoid Sheriff

5. ChronoVoid Judge

6. ChronoVoid Card

7. ChronoVoid Spray

8. ChronoVoid Gun Buddy

In a recent Valorant dev blog, Riot Games announced Cypher buffs and Chamber and Fade nerfs. However, it is not yet clear whether these modifications are intended for version 5.06 or a patch that will be released later.

Here are the maintenance times for Valorant servers based on which region you’re from:

  • Asia Pacific: 14:00 PDT
  • Brazil: 06:00 PDT
  • Europe: 20:00 PDT
  • Korea: 14:00 PDT
  • Latin America: 06:00 PDT
  • North America: 06:00 PDT

The servers might be down for a few hours before they’re put back up by the developers with the 5.06 update and the new ChronoVoid skin line in the store.

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