How long does Valorant scheduled maintenance last?

Valorant servers often go down for maintenance. Check out how long they last and how to check the server status.

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Valorant is a multiplayer shooter game and one with immense popularity. Such a game requires regular maintenance and updates to keep it in a good condition and provide the best experience for its userbase. While it’s annoying for some that their favorite game goes into the maintenance period for a long time, it’s equally necessary.

When you are all hyped to finish your tasks and chill in Valorant or tune in to resume the grind, you are bound to be upset when the maintenance error message pops up. You are probably here to find how long the servers are down and when will the update get over? Well, rest assured because Riot Games values your time and always completes their server maintenance in the quickest way possible.

The best way to check the downtime is to keep an eye on the official Valorant Twitter handle(@PlayVALORANT). Valorant is very active on their social media handles and instantly updates what you need to know. If the server is down, you will probably see an explanation on their handles. Another way is just to see for yourself if the servers are down. You can do so by visiting the Valorant Server Status website and there is always a duration provided by which you can estimate when Valorant will return.

As per our experience, Valorant always went down for maintenance for a couple of hours during its beta testing phase, and later on, as the updates piled up, the game went down for a maximum time of five to six hours till now. While it’s not guaranteed, you can wait for some hours before trying to login again.

Server maintenance is very necessary for a game as big as Valorant. It upgrades the quality of user experience with each upgrade and while it may not be in your liking, it still works in your favor. Valorant can still be considered as a fairly new game and to maintain the balanced gameplay, identify potential bugs, fixing server lags, and other issues, it needs to be rectified on a regular basis. So, be calm and relax till the servers come back up and you enter into the realm of Valorant to dominate.