Valorant First Strike – Everything you need to know about the first Valorant major

First Strike will be the first tournament in Valorant to be officially organised by Riot Games themselves.

Valorant First Strike

The competitive scene of Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant is developing at a rapid pace since its release on June 2nd. Tournaments with huge prize pools are readily being conducted for Valorant by various organizers around the world.

The announcement of the Ignition Series a few months back further escalated this pace, inspiring tournament organizers to invest heavily in the new FPS title. It didn’t take long for Valorant to develop a strong esports scene around the game, and now, it looks like they’re looking to take things to the next level, as Riot has recently announced that they’re planning to organize Valorant First Strike – the first Valorant major.

Here’s everything you need to know about the first official Valorant tournament:

The Format

The First Strike major will feature multiple regions throughout the world. Tournaments will be organized across North America, Europe, Asia, CIS, South America, and the Middle East. The regional qualifiers will start in the next few weeks and will culminate in the main event. Eight teams from each region will battle it out in the main event from where one team from each region will be crowned as the regional champions.

The Schedule

While no specific date has been mentioned by Riot as of yet, the regional qualifiers for First Strike can be expected to take place towards the end of October. The main event and the regional finals are scheduled to take place from December 3-6. 

How to Register

Riot has advised players to start preparing their rosters if they’re looking to participate in the regional qualifiers. The rules, policies, and instructions on how to register for the qualifiers will be made public by Riot in the next few days. 

While anyone is free to participate in the Valorant First Strike open qualifiers, players will have to be over the age of sixteen and above the rank of Immortal 1 in order to register themselves for the tournament.