BGMI highlights Season C3S7 instead of C3S8 amidst ban

prahar bgmi ban

BGMI has went through a rough ride in India over the past couple of months. The game has been officially banned in the country and while the order was not released by the government, the game was removed from all official application stores.

Amidst this, BGMI has not moved to its new season called C3S8 and still highlights the older season with RP being locked.

BGMI introduced a new season system with cycles and the Cycle 3 Season 7 was meant to end earlier today. Despite this, the season still highlights C3S7 instead of C3S8 and the same season has been reintroduced to BGMI.

One of the reasons for such an error could be the ban order imposed on BGMI that might not allow the developer to add new content to the game. Krafton has been highlighting an error message stating that the C3S7 being highlighted is “just a typo.”

Another part of this issue is that the seasonal RP reset has not taken place yet. BGMI was meant to get a new RP with different rewards but currently, the RP is just locked and says it will be unlocked in next 30 days, meaning that no royale pass will be available for players in this season.

This could also be the part of the glitch that has been showing the C3S7 typo in BGMI but officials have not commented on the RP lock issue.

The rank reset in BGMI has also been affected as players are receiving the same rank rewards that they received last time despite the season being upgraded.

This all points towards the fact that no new content has been added to the game as it is impossible for the developers to push an update until the supply of BGMI remains blocked in India.