Valorant : When does Episode 5 Act 1 Start

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The much anticipated Episode 5 Act 1 of Valorant awaits on the horizon which arrives on June 22. The new act is set to feature Pearl, the newest addition to the map pool alongside a battlepass and a sci-fi themed skin bundle, “Prelude to Chaos”.

When does Episode 5 Act 1 arrive?

Despite the fact that Riot Games are yet to announce the launch time of Dimension aka Episode 5, it has been determined that the patch would drop around 18:30 PM IST on June 22. Below you may gather the launch date and time according to your timezone and region of residence.

Indian Standard Time (IST) – 18:30 PM IST
Pacific Standard Time (PST) – 6:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time (EST) – 9:00 AM
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – 14:00 PM

Major takeaways from Episode 5 Act 1 :

1. New Map “Pearl” releases. Competitive mode on Pearl starts 2 weeks later in order to help players grab a basic idea about the map.

2. A new rank known as “Ascendant” gets added which bridges the gap between Diamond and Immortal ranks.

3. Prelude to Chaos skin bundle unlocks on the Market.

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