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Teams Qualified for the VCT APAC Challengers Playoffs

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The Group stage of Valorant Champions Tour APAC Challengers had 16 of the best teams in APAC fighting to make it to the final stage of the competition. Today, we found the final eight teams that would play each other for the slots in VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

The 16 teams from across APAC were divided into groups of four. Two teams from each group would make it to the playoffs for VCT APAC Challengers. 

The brawl started with Group A’s Griffin Esports taking on Gaimin Gladiators. The MY/SG #2 Gaimin Gladiators made a meal from the HK/TW #1 seed Griffin Esports. In the Second opening match from Group A, Indonesian top seed ONIC G took on Made in Thailand and easily defeated them 2-0. 

Onic G then faced Gaimin Gladiators in Winner’s match and managed to defeat Gaimin Gladiators 2-0, qualifying for the Playoffs without dropping a map. 

Made in Thailand and Griffin took on each other in the lower bracket, with Griffin Esports knocking Made in Thailand out of contention to face Gaimin Gladiators in the Deciders. Unlike their first match, Griffin managed to dominate Gaimin Gladiators, winning the game 2-0, to become the second team to qualify for playoffs from Group A. 

In group B, Alter Ego, Indonesian #2, took on Global Esports, South Asia’s top seed, and managed to defeat them 2-0. In the second opening game of Group B, The Thai top seed Xerxia took on Filipino Rex Regum Qeon and easily defeated them 2-0. 

Forcing RRQ to play an elimination match against Global Esports, The game was close, with RRQ managing to close out the match 2-1. 

In the winner’s match-up, Xerxia demolished Alter Ego and became the first Group B team to qualify for the playoffs. After the loss, Alter Ego faced RRQ in the decider’s match, where they managed to edge out RRQ and became the second team from Group B in the playoffs. 

Filipino Oasis Gaming and Oceania’s Order started the affair in Group C, in which Order came out on top, defeating Oasis Gaming 2-0. The second opening match from Group C had the tournament favorites MY/SG #1 Paper Rex taking on Indonesian BOOM esports.

Despite strong resistance, BOOM could not close it against PaperRex, losing the game 0-2. In the elimination match-up, BOOM faced Oasis gaming and quickly managed to defeat their contemporaries 2-0. 

In the winner’s match-up, Paper Rex took on Order and flawlessly beat Order to become the first team from Group C to make it to the playoffs. Now in the deciders, Order faced BOOM esports and, despite the strong performance in the second map, fell to BOOM in third, making BOOM the second team from Group C to qualify. 

Group D started with Thai #2 FW esports, taking on Vietnamese Fancy United. The match was very close, but in the end, Fancy United managed to close the match 2-1. In the second opening match of group D, Team Secret took on Bleed, Where Bleed managed to win Secret’s map pick after winning their own to win the match 2-0. 

Team Secret then had to face FW esports in the elimination match, where they dominated FW to win the match 2-0. 

In the Winners match, Bleed and Fancy United won their map picks, forcing the third map, where Bleed managed to read Fancy United winning the game 2-1 and became the first team from Group D to qualify. Now playing the deciders, Fancy United faced Team Secret, but Team Secret managed to defeat Fancy United 2-0 to become the last and final team into the playoffs. 

With this, we have the final eight teams in the playoffs:

  • Paper Rex (Malaysia/Singapore)
  • BLEED (Malaysia/Singapore)
  • Alter Ego (Indonesia)
  • Griffin Esports (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Onic G (Indonesia)
  • BOOM Esports (Indonesia)
  • Xerxia Esports (Thailand)
  • Team Secret (Philipines)

The playoffs kick off with Paper Rex taking on Alter Ego at 03:00 AM GMT on 23rd June. The whole schedule for the tournament would be:

  • 23/06/2022 03:00 GMT Paper Rex vs. Alter Ego
  • 23/06/2022 06:00 GMT Bleed vs. Griffin Esports
  • 23/06/2022 09:00 GMT ONIC G vs. BOOM Esports
  • 23/06/2022 12:00 GMT XERXIA Esports vs. Team Secret
  • 24/06/2022 03:00 GMT Upper Semifinals #1
  • 24/06/2022 06:00 GMT Upper Semifinals #2
  • 24/06/2022 09:00 GMT Lower Round 1 #1
  • 24/06/2022 12:00 GMT Lower Round 1 #2
  • 25/06/2022 03:00 GMT Lower Round 2 #1
  • 25/06/2022 06:00 GMT Lower Round 2 #2
  • 25/06/2022 09:00 GMT Upper Finals
  • 25/06/2022 03:00 GMT Lower Round 3
  • 26/06/2022 03:00 GMT Lower Finals
  • 26/06/2022 06:00 GMT Grand Finals

The Winners of Upper Finals and Lower Finals would get a ticket to Copenhagen with Finals being a seeding match for VCT Masters Copenhagen. The winner of the tournament also gets a prize money of USD 30000.

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