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TSM Zoe Slams GirlGamer Valorant Tournament After Being Denied Entry for Lack of Identification

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TSM’s Zoe ‘Zoe’ Servais has called out ‘GirlGamer Esports Festival’ after being denied entry to the Valorant tournament for lacking “evidence” of her identity.

Zoe is a transgender woman, and is currently playing professionally as an IGL in TSM’s female Valorant roster. On May 11th, she posted a series of Tweets to explain the situation while calling out the GirlGamer Esports Festival for being “intrusive” of her privacy.

“So, because I haven’t had the time or money to legally change my name in my state, I’m now unable to participate in your tournaments because my ID doesn’t say ‘Zoe’ on it,” she said. “This is extremely intrusive of privacy. You just eliminated several top NA teams from participating.”

“There are other ways of going about verifying someone and their gender identity, instead of asking for someone’s literal ID (which minors typically don’t even have) or proof of genital surgery,” she further said in another Tweet. “It’s not just stupid, it’s absolutely f**king wrong and way out of line.”

Following this incident, the GirlGamer tournament officials have responded to Zoe’s criticism on Twitter.

“We hear you, and changes will be made,” they said in a reply to her Tweet.

Whether or not Zoe is allowed entry to the above-mentioned tournament still remains to be seen.

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