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How to Fix Mouse Not Working in Valorant?

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After the latest Valorant update that was shipped to the game recently, many players are reporting issues while using their mice in Valorant. For some users, the issue can be simply a single button not working while for some others, the issue can extend to their mice losing all functionalities while in-game.

While players may start to think that something is wrong with their mice themselves, the issue seems to be existent within Valorant since the last update was shipped to the shooter.

How to Fix the Mouse Problem in Valorant?

  • Restarting Valorant in Administrator Mode: This simple fix has reportedly solved the issue for many players.
  • Reinstalling Valorant: You can choose to uninstall Valorant and reinstall it from the official website.
  • Uninstall Interception Driver: Here’s how you can uninstall the Interception Driver from your PC to have a good chance at solving this problem –
  • Download this zip file
  • Extract the included files in a directory of your choice
  • Open administrator command prompt
  • Type the following:
  • ‘cd <path to the directory where you extracted the files>’
  • ‘cd “command line installer”’
  • ‘install-interception.exe /uninstall’
  • Restart your PC

Once you finish the above steps, your Interception Driver should be successfully uninstalled.

Once done, restart Valorant and your mouse should be working fine once again. If the issue still hasn’t been fixed, your best bet would be to wait for Riot Games to ship a patch to fix this problem.

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