Valorant’s developers team working on their anti-cheat seemed pretty confident on the work they’ve put in on Vanguard, and it was working well in battling out cheaters with it banning the first cheater in under three days of its closed beta release.

But cheaters are now trying out something new to combat the advanced anti-cheat from Riot.

In this screenshot taken from a cheaters’ forum, one guy can be seen mentioning some “talking points” to keep the “psyop” going and asking others to add more points to the list. While some of these, if not most of these are true, the objective of the post seems to be revolving around creating an atmosphere of panic about Valorant.

Credits: r/Valorant

People falling victim to these would either uninstall the game themselves or go over to social media like Reddit and complain about something like how Riot is invading their privacy by letting a Chinese rootkit run on their computers 24×7.

Valorant’s Vanguard

The post also mentions about the uninstaller of the game not working, which is seen to be true as multiple cases about this have surfaced on Reddit recently. Being unable to uninstall the rootkit means the game is practically forcing its players to keep it running in their machines, unless it’s disabled manually.

The Riot’s Vanguard in Action.

These shortcomings of Vanguard are very likely to just be major bugs which aren’t uncommon in the closed beta stage of any game. This is based on the fact that Paul “RiotArkem” Chamberlain – the lead of the Valorant anti-cheat team – was himself seen actively engaging with people across Reddit having such problems and providing them with solutions.

But these sorts of bugs have cheaters a new weapon to fight with as they have already started running anti-Valorant propaganda on their forums.

Instilling psychological fear among a player-base is much easier than breaking through an anti-cheat engine. The motives of the cheat devs here are likely to spread fear to the point where the complaints of the players force Riot to loosen their anti-cheat engine, providing them with the opportunity to break the engine much easily.

At the end of the day cheat devs have to pay their bills too, so innovative ideas like this coming from them shouldn’t be too rare in the future.

They’ll obviously capitalize on every small mistake Riot makes, and major mistakes like the current performance issues that are happening as a result of Vanguard won’t go unpunished by them.

They’ll eventually be preaching to the choir as more and more people will start raising their voices against Riot. As time passes we’ll be able to see how successful they are on their mission and how strong of a stance does Riot hold against them.

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