Here’s the first look at Valorant’s new map Ascent shown in Riot developer update Video

Riot Games gave the first official peek through of Valorant’s new map Ascent in a recent developer update video. What will all be there in the 4th map of Valorant? Let’s take a closer look.

Photo via Dexerto

Valorant right now consists of 3 maps: Bind, Haven and Split. But Riot Games has confirmed a 4th map known as Ascent for their tactical FPS game in a recent developer update. The very first glimpse of this map came on the th of April in an official video by Riot Games.

You can go the timestamp 2:45 precisely to see the new map straight away.

Only a few shots of the new map are visible in the video. The mini-map on the top left of the dev’s video makes it pretty clear that the location of the map being shown is the back side of the defender’s spawn on Ascent map. We are so sure that it is the backside of the defender’s spawn as the spawn rooms are always closer to these points to facilitate easy set up of the defenses during the buying phase.

Ascent seems to be like Split and Bind at the very first glance as it has only two points of attack unlike Haven which has three points of attack. There has to be some kind of feature that sets Ascent apart from the other three maps but it’s really hard to tell as of now from these short clips being shown in the developer video. The map is only shown for a very few seconds however, on the right side of the clip you can see some construction scaffolding.

The map will be based on an Italian theme and set in the city of Venice, like Overwatch’s Rialto map. Riot is still very optimistic of releasing the global version of Valorant during the summer of 2020 but it seems like we can maybe see the map Ascent added to the game in the coming weeks.