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New Ruin Vandal skin coming to Valorant in the next battle pass

The new battle pass will arrive on the same date as the Act 3 release.

The third Act of Valorant is only a few days away, and it’ll bring with it a number of new changes to the tactical shooter.

The new changes which will arrive alongside the release of Act 3 include a new map, a weapon skin collection, a new Battle Pass, and a major revamp to the competitive system. The new map named ‘Icebox‘ will be a snow-themed map and is set to be available for competitive play from October 27th.

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The refreshed Battle Pass will offer a heap of new rewards to the players for progressing through its ranks. The free version of the battle pass will include exclusive rewards like the ‘Chilly McFreeze’ gun buddy, a Viper spray, and a ‘Radianite Hazard’ player card.

Upgrading the Battle Pass by spending real money will provide even better rewards to the players. These premium rewards include the likes of a ‘Disco Ball’ gun buddy, a Surge Bucky with variants, and perhaps the most anticipated of them all – the Ruin Vandal.

Vandal is one of the most popular guns in the game besides its faster but less damaging counterpart Phantom. A premium weapon skin for Vandal in the Battle Pass will surely inspire players to upgrade it from the free version.

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