Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass: new agent, singularity skin collection, release date, and more

Riot has revealed their roadmap for the upcoming Act 3 of Valorant, and it seems like a lot of new changes are underway.

skye Valorant act 3

With Act 2 of Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant nearing its end, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Valorant act which is set to arrive in the next few days. The introduction of the new act will refresh the ranks of all players, and the current ranks will be locked to the accounts as their Act rank in the game.

What is Valorant Battlepass?

A Battle Pass allows players to progress through tiers and earn certain player cards, player titles, weapon charms, sprays, and weapon skins. 

Radianite points earned through the Battle Pass can be used to evolve certain weapon skins and other content types in the game. Radianite points can be obtained through the Battle Pass in every act or purchased directly on through the store.

  • If you are spending time playing VALORANT, you should earn XP and progress towards unlocking cosmetic items for your collection.
  • People that don’t opt-in to the Premium Battle Pass should still be able to earn the rewards that commemorate their participation during the Battle Pass’ duration. The feeling of “I was there” is something we want everyone to be proud of.
  • If you purchase the Premium version of the Battle Pass, you will simply get more rewards. There is no pay to win.
  • Quality of rewards takes priority over quantity.

When is Valorant ACT 3 coming?

Riot has already confirmed on multiple Occasions that Valorant Act 3 will arrive on October 13th.

Episode 1 Act 3 will release at the following times on October 13: 

  • Korea/APAC – 2 PM PDT
  • EU – 8 PM PDT.

If you play in North American servers, you’ll be able to queue for your last ranked game this Act till 4:30 AM Pacific Time. Games queued after that will count towards your next Act’s rank.

What’s new in Valorant Act 3?

Riot devs have finally revealed the Act 3 roadmap in a blog post today, with plans including changes to the competitive ecosystem, a new snow-themed map,’ and a new agent which will drop a patch later.

While the new map Icebox will be available to play as soon as Act 3 drops on October 13th, players won’t be able to enjoy the competitive mode on the map till two weeks later on October 27th. The new Agent is also set to arrive on the same date.


Act 3 will bring with it a number of competitive changes primarily focused on balancing out queues in higher ranks. The competitive changes will include

  • A new Act Rank badge which can be upgraded by increasing your in-game ranks.
  • Rank queue restrictions made tighter from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, to reduce rank disparities in competitive games.
  • Freedom of players to pick servers.
  • Immortal plus rank changes will be completely decided by wins and losses.


As mentioned earlier, the new map Icebox will be available to play in Unrated mode from October 13th. Riot may alter the map depending on player feedback before implementing it to ranked mode on October 27th.


Today, Riot has revealed through their blog that they’ll release the new agent on October 27th, two weeks after the release of Act 3. The devs said that the reason behind the delay in the release of the new Agent is the high demand for a new map among fans.

However, it appears like the details of the Agent have already been leaked.

According to a Twitter post by Valorant Leaks, the name of this new Agent is rumoured to be ‘Skye’ and she’ll be packing a set of skills which would be valuable for any team.

Skye’s leaked abilities

  • Basic Ability: Area of Effect healing but unable to self-heal
  • Basic Ability: Wolf Drone that is remotely controlled 
  • Signature Ability: Send out a Sova-like Recon Bolt that gathers information
  • Ultimate Ability: Send out three wolves to chase down enemies 


The new skin collection will be named ‘Singularity’ and will be added to the game alongside Act 3.

“Singularity exists in a far future, vast in its journey from the beyond. Powerful, abstract, and mysterious,” the Valorant blog states. “None know where it came from or how it came to be.”

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