team liquid

Popular millennial actor Asa Butterfield has joined Team Liquid as a brand ambassador.

Most renowned for starring in the web series Sex Education, the 23-year-old has some gaming background, having played Dota 2 and competed in semi-professional Super Smash Bros Ultimate events.

Team Liquid announced: “Welcome to the Liquid family. We’re happy to have you onboard, and look forward to seeing what you accomplish next,” to which he replied that they were the first Esports team he knew of while watching Starcraft streams.

Having starred in movies like The Boy in Striped Pajamas and Hugo, the British actor has had his allegiances to the Esports world, having been in a similar role with Panda Global, now finds himself in a much bigger organization.

With over 300k+ followers on Twitter, Team Liquid will hope to use his influence on social media and events to widen their already wide fanbase, having already opened a new training facility in Amsterdam this year to expand its reach to Europe.

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